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  • Do I have to buy via your Etsy Store?
    Of course not! Its just easier for us right now to combine both our Etsy store and the website. You can contact us to purchase anything you like via Paypal.
  • Payment methods!
    For all orders we accept payment made via Paypal. Etsy also provides you with other methods should you wish to use those. Paypal provides you extra protection with payments. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make a payment as you are able to checkout as a guest. When we are market events we accept cash, card and contactless payment via iZettle or PayPal. We regularly update everyone with where we will be on Instagram, Twitter or Fetlife. You can choose to collect your order at a market event to save on postage. Please be aware that due to the ongoing covid restrictions we wont be offering in person collection for a while. We do not store any of your payment details, that is protected by Paypal or Etsy. We take data protection very seriously. Once your item has been delivered and you are 100% happy with your purchase, we do not keep any further data, unless it is data you have given us consent to use. You can contact us at anytime regarding our use of data.
  • How will the item feel?
    With every item we add to our store, we provide a "feel description" - We try our best to give an accurate description of this, but it can be very subjective for each person. You are very welcome to contact us for us to provide a better description or ask any questions. STINGY VS THUDDY EXPLAINED Sting is a piercing, cutting sudden pain, hot, warm, instant burning sensation, tingly sensation largely felt in the surface of the skin making the skin much more sensitive. Sting is usually left by a fast blow with a small impact area or a toy of a certain shape. Any marks left are usually thin lines or welts to the skin where the main impact happens. ​ Thud is a deep, penetrating blow, felt deep in the muscle for a lot longer than sting, and makes the skin very warm to the touch. Thud is made by a heavier toy, usually a slower moving blow with a wider impact area. When marks are produced, they tend to be larger pink or red. We found it hard to find thud in any of our toys the last few years so we try to specalise in finding thuddy options with our wood! We can also produce thuddy with sting! The ultimate evil!
  • Refund policy!
    We understand that you may change your mind once your item has been delivered. As we work with wood, paint and other coloured materials, there may be slight variations in the way items appear in person compared to online. We offer a refund or exchange for 14 days after you have recieved your item/s, after this point it will be at our discretion if we offer a refund or exchange. All of our products carry our own repair or replace guarantee, whereby we will endeavour to fix or replace your product if it fails/breaks or has a quality issue. - We are not responsible for painted items if you damage the finish through hard use, incorrect storage, accident or general wear & tear. We suggest you store them safely, wrapped in material, hung up or in a soft cotton bag. We do our best to make sure they leave our workshop and arrive in your hands in the best condition. - We are also unfortunately not responsible if you break your toy through brute force! - Our repair or replace guarantee is also not applicable if you have stored your product in a way that is likely to cause it damage, eg in a damp & cold environment where the wood may warp, bend or split. CUSTOM/ PERSONALISED ORDER REFUNDS We do not offer refunds or exchanges for custom order items that have been personalised. However, we endeavour to engage with you at each step of the production process. This ensures you have plenty opportunity to change your mind on design, or colour or finish to really make sure its the item you were dreaming of!
  • Shipping Times and Location
    Our postal carrier of choice is Royal Mail, as we have found them to be the most reliable service provider. As our workshop location is rural, we have more limited options with carrier availability. If you wish your package sent via a specific way we can certainly look into it! Our Shipping time is usually 3-4 days, from point of order. If there is likely to be a delay with this, we endeavour to communicate this at the earliest opportunity. If you require your package delivered next day, let us know and we can upgrade for a little extra if you need it. We post our items to the order being recieved rather than once a week on a set day like some companies.
  • International Shipping
    Currently the UK is in a period of transition, we are still offering international shipping to most countries. For an estimated shipping price you can check the royal mail website or ask us. However please be aware there may be import tax or duty added on in your own country which we are not responsible for. The shipping period may also be slightly longer than expected but we do our best to get you a estimated arrival time!
  • Creative licence T&C
    The boring bit.. but sadly needed! All images, blogs or words on this site, any of our social media platforms, etsy or any other online/ non onlien presence that we have in their format are the property of IronicKrafts and the businesses owners. You do not have permission to use any of them without prior contact and permission. We dont mind people using our photos etc but please contact us first and understand that we will want credited or to at least put a watermark on the image somewhere. This creative copyright also reache to the products we design, we understand that all these toys can be similar in nature but please dont directly copy us! particularly if you are in the uk, just use it as a concept for your iimagination and change it suitably to be your own work! and if you want to at least contact us first, we dont bite, we will likely say yes thats fine its just polite :-)
  • How do i look after my toy?
    The long and the short of toy care is... be kind to your wood! Store it somewhere warm and dry. Eg in a toy bag or box in a bedroom, rather than a cold and damp basement. The more the temperature and moisture content fluctuates within the wood, the more likely it is to split. Clean your toy with a damp cloth and a little washing up liquid and allow to air dry naturally. Cleaning with harsh chemicals can damage the finish of the toy, and allow excess moisture to seep into the wood which can lead to cracks or splits. If your piece is finished with lacquer, it is generally waterproof unless the finish has become damaged through improper storage or mishandling. These pieces can be cleaned as per above. If your piece is finished with food safe mineral oil and beeswax, it is not as hard wearing or fluidproof as lacquer. This finish offers a softer, warmer feel but requires more toycare. These toys will need rewaxed and buffed periodically depending on how dry they feel to the touch. This reseals the pores of the wood and keeps out moisture.

We have covered most of what we think you may ask but if we havn't covered it don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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