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Ethically Sourced Materials

Creating joy from reclaimed whisky barrel

Most of our Kinky paddles, toys and tools are produced from locally sourced Scottish Whisky Barrel. Our wood allows us to do our bit for the enviroment, have a very small footprint and most importantly all of our wood has history and a story behind it!  Its just stunning wood to work with without chopping a single tree down! 

We thoroughly quality test each of our paddles or tools to make sure you get the very best we can give you!


We do not do human testing! so your Paddle will always be your paddle! 

BDM Kinky Paddle, Spanking Whisky Barrel
BDM Kinky Paddle, Spanking Whisky Barrel

We work by hand, with the help of a few machine tools of course, to give all of our paddles that organic feel full of love and soul! We really care about making our toys. 

Our Lovely wood has such variation that we are treated to everything from thin and stingy to heavy dense oak, with the ridiculously thrown in and everything in between! 

So what do we do?

BDM Kinky Paddle, Spanking Whisky Barrel
BDM Kinky Paddle, Spanking Whisky Barrel


Paddles! more paddles and all the funky styled paddles! We really want to bring fun to kink! And a little bit of different! 

From Traditional Whisky paddles that we can pair up with glass coasters or candle holder for the perfect gift to our stunning sensory loaded Savage Paddles and our bright funky hand painted paddles! 


Everything and i mean absolutly everything can be custom deisnged to how you want it, shape, size, weight, sensation, colour, text! All you need is your imagination! (some things the fairies cant do such as copyrighted material or a volcano sized challenge ... we are only human! 


CBT, Wax Knives, Sensory Sticks and more!


Keep your eyes peeled! we already do a number of cbt and sensory products, such as pokey sticks or wax knives but we are always adding to our line! We also love new suggestions so feel free to fire us any via social media


Custom built dungeon furniture can be built on request, with an eye towards getting the piece exactly right for your requirements. We have already collaborated with BDSM industry leading professionals, so don't be afraid to let you imagination run riot. 



Come read about our latest adventures or our top tips in our blog. 



Our store is filled with all our ready to go items, from our lovely whisky range to our bright and funky! 

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